Clay's Request Thread :) V2

Discussion in 'Request Threads' started by werss, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. Keith Urban Fan!

    Keith Urban Fan! New Member

    Did you use photoshop to make this? I was wondering how you got the picture of the 2 guys "cut out" so clearly w/ no background.

    I just got photoshop elements 8, and have been learning and having a lot of fun, but my "cut outs" don't come out that clearly...

    Also, did you use a texture for the background? I'd love to have it if you wouldn't mind! :)

  2. werss

    werss New Member

    Hey Kensy. I used the pen tool to do the cutout, and the background was just brushes, no texture :)
  3. werss

    werss New Member

    I have more time now, so I'm reopening this if anybody wants anything. lol...

    I also can do more general things, like photo editing, etc.
  4. rwealone

    rwealone New Member

    HEY! Clay. So good to see you again!
  5. werss

    werss New Member

    Hey Fred, how's it going?
  6. Chels

    Chels New Member

    Hi are you taking requests still?
  7. rwealone

    rwealone New Member

    Great to see you, again, Clay!
    I owe you many huge THANKS for all of your help during my "computer awkward" days. :)
  8. werss

    werss New Member

    Yep - ill still take requests - its fun to bring back the old days :)

    And you betcha Fred! I really enjoyed it.
  9. werss

    werss New Member

    Woah - it's been ages since I've been on here. Anybody out there? :)

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