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Discussion in 'Kellie's 5th Album (Title TBA)' started by jessy89, Feb 10, 2016.

  1. jessy89

    jessy89 New Member

    When will kellie release a single and possible album? I thought feeling tonight was gonna be released. I wonder what happened did black river change there mind. Im just really anxious for new music. Kellie needs a single on radio soon.
  2. Pickler_Pride

    Pickler_Pride New Member

    I Live 2 blocks from a girl here that is becoming a country music rising star she has photos with Kellie and said Kellie is/was working on new music The I love Kellie Pickler cmt show is or was tuff in between doing the show and trying to get to the studio !! so will see know that the show is over we'll hear about new music hope for a renew for the show to
  3. Pickler_Pride

    Pickler_Pride New Member

    are we still going to get new music from Kellie ?
  4. jessy89

    jessy89 New Member

    Personally i think we are waiting on her. To be picked up by a new label. I could be wrong but i kinda think curb records may sign her. Because kyle jacobs is a song writer for them. But either way she should be in the studio the end of the yr. Probably wont see any new music till 2017.
  5. No_Left_Turn

    No_Left_Turn Moderator

    Pickler’s already looking ahead to her next project — a new album — and says she’s excited to get to work on it. She plans to start writing and selecting songs this fall or winter.

    “I just really want to take my time, find some songs that I love, write some songs that I love, and get that ball rolling again,” Pickler says.

    She doesn’t have a rigid direction for her next record. True to Pickler’s easygoing personality, she plans to go with the flow.

    “I think I’m just going to let it organically happen and see how everything falls into place,” Pickler says. “I think that’s how the best times do.”

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