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Playlist: The Very Best of Kellie Pickler

Discussion in 'Album and Single Sales Information' started by zakattack2209, May 12, 2014.

  1. zakattack2209

    zakattack2209 New Member

    Does anyone know anything about this upcoming compilation album Playlist: The Very Best of Kellie Pickler? I kinda want to know if she is going to release a few new songs off of it or if she's gonna do a few remixes. Please let me know if you have any info. Wikipedia, though not a credible source, says it comes out May 27th, 2014. I will for sure buy it even if I already have all the other songs on previously released CD's, but I would LOVE a few new songs to jam to.
  2. KellieIs2006Idol

    KellieIs2006Idol Active Member

  3. mnfan1

    mnfan1 New Member

    Kellie said, on Fox & Friends today that she was going to get back in the studio and cut another record and start recording some songs. She was on the show talking about awareness of lung cancer being the #1 killer of women. That's what her grandma died from.

    There were two videos on the morning Fox and Friends Show with Kellie. I found them on their site at work today and I'm trying to find them now. Found them. They are the first two videos on this page from this morning if someone knows how to post them on here.

  4. ChrisKellieFan

    ChrisKellieFan Kellie Fan

    It's a best of while she was with Sony/19. A complete "very best of" would also include The Woman I Am songs.


    Track List

    1. Walkin' After Midnight
    2. Small Town Girl
    3. Red High Heels
    4. I Wonder
    5. Things That Never Cross A Man's Mind
    6. Don't You Know You're Beautiful
    7. Best Days Of Your Life
    8. Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You
    9. Makin' Me Fall In Love Again
    10. Rocks Instead Of Rice
    11. Somebody To Love Me
    12. Tough
    13. 100 Proof
    14. Stop Cheatin' On Me
  5. Shane_nola

    Shane_nola Member

    I assume this could BNA putting out a best of with the songs for her first three albums. I don't think Black River Entertainment would let them use anything from TWIA and vice versa.
  6. mnfan1

    mnfan1 New Member

    I just preordered mine. i will love playing this CD too.
  7. Jack0827

    Jack0827 New Member

    I'm telling you .... if you are a true Kellie Pickler fan and want to see her win a CMT Country Award get your bottoms busy and help her win .... she's currently in first place for favorite video for SOMEONE SOMEWHERE TONIGHT. Here's the place to vote. Do it now and keep doing it until voting stops. http://theboot.com/2014-golden-boot-...-voting-polls/

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