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Thank you James.....Kelliefans lives on

Discussion in 'Kellie Pickler Cafe' started by Robert, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. Robert

    Robert Administrator

    I originally acquired Kelliefans from James in 4/2009 and with the help of many of you, managed the site for about six years. For a number of personal reasons, I had to withdraw from management, but ChrisKellieFan managed the site for me the last year. We advertised for a number of months last year for someone to step up and take over management, but until James contacted me in January of this year, no one answered the call. I closed the site last November but preserved the database with all the old posts, etc. I really appreciate James taking back over and preserving this website to which I spent much time and effort. Thanks, James, and I hope this site will thrive in support of my favorite country singer. Looks like great things are in store for Kellie.
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  2. kelliedawn

    kelliedawn Member

    Thank you Robert, for all you did for Kellie and we the fans, hope you are doing well.
  3. frederickpickler

    frederickpickler New Member

    Thank you both! I'm so glad KellieFans is back :)
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