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CONCERT REVIEW: Kellie Pickler Molson Canadian Grandstand

Discussion in 'Concert Reviews' started by Pickler_Pride, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. Pickler_Pride

    Pickler_Pride Active Member

    After Kellie Pickler’s performance at the Queen City Ex on Saturday night, there was one question that needed to be asked: Why isn’t this woman a bigger star?

    The 26-year-old American Idol alumnus has the voice, the looks, the personality and the material required to earn a spot in the upper echelon of country music yet she still finds herself playing to a small but dedicated band of fans.

    One night removed from an appearance at the Big Valley Jamboree in Canmore, Alta., Pickler brought her big voice and bubbly personality to the Molson Canadian Grandstand at the Ex for an entertaining 18-song, 100-minute set.

    Opening with Little House On The Highway, Pickler slipped through Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful and Making Me Fall In Love Again before reaching Tough, the first single from her current album 100 Proof.

    “We’ve got some tough chicks her tonight, don’t we?” she asked of the crowd, which roared its approval.

    The main theme of the evening was Pickler’s deep love of country music, a point she chatted about a number of times between songs.

    “Do y’all like country music? Do y’all love country music? Because there’s a big difference between the two,” Pickler explained before breaking into Stop Cheatin’ On Me.

    A truly traditional ballad from 100 Proof, Pickler’s effort on Stop Cheatin’ On Me was enough to make Patsy Cline proud.

    As the night wore on, Pickler spoke of her love of Tammy Wynette — “She’s a big reason why I fell in love with country music in the first place” — and Hank Williams Sr. — “His song My Bucket’s Got A Hole In It was the first song I ever learned to sing. I was five.”

    Pickler’s set also paid homage to Loretta Lynn (You Ain’t Woman Enough) and George Jones (White Lightning).

    Constantly waving and smiling to the crowd, Pickler was quite attentive to the attention that was being paid to her. At one point she walked to the back of the stage to get a quick drink of water when a fan yelled, “We love you Kelly.” Without missing a beat she replied, “I love you more.”

    She slowed the tempo of the set down 40 minutes in with an amazing rendition of Didn’t You Know How Much I Loved You? Pickler cut loose and let her voice power through the emotional ballad. It was quality like this that Simon Cowell recognized on American Idol.

    Down the home stretch of her set Pickler unveiled I Wonder, an extremely personal song about her childhood and her absent parents. She followed up with Smalltown Girl, taking the opportunity to leave the stage and work her way along the fence at the front of the venue. She shook hands, posed for pictures and generally worked the audience like a politician seeking re-election.

    She finished up with Best Days Of My Life, returning for an encore featuring Red High Heels, the biggest hit of her career.




    1. Little House On The Highway

    2. Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful

    3. Making Me Fall In Love Again

    4. Tough

    5. Stop Cheatin’ On Me

    6. Where’s Tammy Wynette?

    7. Things That Never Cross A Man’s Mind

    8. Lucky Girl

    9. You Ain’t Woman Enough

    10. White Lightning

    11. I Wanna Be Married (& I Wanna Be Single Too)

    12. Didn’t You Know How Much I Loved You

    13. Rocks Instead Of Rice

    14. Unlock That Honky Tonk

    15. I Wonder

    16. Smalltown Girl

    17. Best Days Of Your Life


    18. Red High Heels


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