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Count Basie Theater NJ August 12th 2012 Concert Review

Discussion in 'Concert Reviews' started by robwas, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. robwas

    robwas New Member

    This is my first time seeing Kellie but surely not my first time at the Count Basie Theater for a concert. A month ago while browsing their website I was exciting to see two seats were available center state on the floor only 7 rows back. Without a doubt I couldn't have asked for better seats and in the past I've had seats in the balcony and wouldn't do that again not because of the distance but the sound up there is so awful from the reverberation I guess coming off the walls it really isn't worth it for a musical event. In fact, even floor level way in the back sounds far better. Anyways, getting on first off I have to say Kellie was truly a great performer, this concert really had the feeling of a small venue and there was so much connection with her it was amazing. When the music first came on and I heard her singing I was like where is she? Next thing I know, there she is right by our row giving high fives and connecting with her fans... I guess she slipped in the back door. One thing I really loved about the show is she paid homage to some of the old country greats and even covered some of their songs. I almost felt like standing up and saying that I was there in person to see George Jones, Tammy Wynette and Loretta Lynn sing live back in the day. I would have thought myself and my girlfriend would have been the oldest people in the theater but that was far from the truth, the crowd was truly mixed from young to old and every fan there really seem to love what she does. I just read she split with her label and wants to do more real country music, all I can say is I can't wait to hear it and I'm sure it'll be fantastic.

    About the only complaint I had with this show was the sound. For whatever reason the sound guys had the band (most notably the kick drum and bass) so loud that it took away from hearing Kellie. They needed to turn her mic up to match that volume or (which I feel would be a better choice unless they want the volume on par with an Ozzy Osbourne concert), back off on the volume of the bass and drums. If you go over to ticketmaster's website with concert reviews you'll see literally hundreds of people felt the same way about this in her recent shows. For this reason my favorite songs were those with just some acoustic guitar or keyboards and her voice because it let her shine.

    Lastly, after the show as we were leaving I saw that she stayed to sign autographs and spend more time with her fans, I thought that was really great. In summation I would undoubtedly see her play again and I hope she has some new material that she's happy with by then to play for us.


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