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Home Sweet Home -Bryce Jordan Center/University Park,PA

Discussion in 'Concert Reviews' started by KellieShellieGirl, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. KellieShellieGirl

    KellieShellieGirl New Member

    It was a night to remember for Miss Taylor Swift as buses rolled through the town of PA. A home coming indeed for the bright savy country singer, and i was there for the adventure.
    Many can not comprehend what simply goes on behind the scene's of a massive headlining tour, buses full of equipment,stage set's,costumes, staff and crew working up till show time. It is simply endless.
    Opening acts Gloriana and Kellie Pickler arrive early in the day as Miss Swift's buses had been there ahead of time. College town is not easy to navigate around in, as this was a first for my family and I. Thankfully,we left a day early for the road trip/wild adventure in which you can read from my recent blog at
    Blog Title is Wild Adventures
    Quite a surprise had been in store for two band members of Miss Pickler's in which it was quite a surprise that left them extremely appreciative as an end result and a day that will be unforgetable to them i'm sure of.
    Show time was set for 7:30pm which gave my family and I time to head out to eat,made a stop at one of my favorite places, Applebee's. Good Eatin'!!
    Let me remind you,it had been a long weekend already with having an almost 4 yr old in tow. What a birthday treat it was for the little guy in which was his very first Kellie Pickler/Taylor Swift concert. Little Nicholas simply loves Kellie and was quite tickled to finally see her,and very much so wanted to meet her. I did all i could really do for him, a few days before hand little Nicholas wanted to write a letter to Kellie in which i had to help him with, the letter said "I love you Kellie, Love Nicholas". He drew a picture of himself or at least tried to along with the letter,i added a couple of purple hearts and ribbon to the letter for an added touch. It was absolutely cute.
    August 29th ,the birthday boy wanted gifts and kept asking where his were, his birthday party was a week ahead of time and recieved his gifts already. What a character! Nicholas was having such a ball and driving us crazy, glad i still have all my hair intact. HAHA!! Arrived for the show around 6:30pm,the place was already hopping full of teenagers,pre-teen/tweens, parents, college students. It was quite a diverse crowd,but the screams however were piercing to the ears. The show ran like clock work,it was well put together i have to say. I do give the staff and crew and all those who are working for all the acts on this tour a great deal of recognition for their long tireless work.
    Glorianna who consist of brothers Tom and Mike Gossin, Cheyenne Kimball and Rachel Reinert are quite a group of talented musicians blending their musical skills and vocals. What a terrific group of performers.
    Their set included the hit singles "Wild At Heart" and "The Way it Goes", along with "How Far Do You Wanna Go?", "You Said" and "Lead Me On". I can only imagine what is in store for this new act and can only expect more success in their future.

    Our very own Kellie Pickler was ready for center stage,the crowd went crazy for Pickler as did I infact,but at least i'm a little more subside. Kellie's set included her #1 top 10 hit "Best Days of Your Life" following the others in no particular order.
    Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You
    I Wonder
    Things That Never Cross A Man's Mind
    Don't You Know You're Beautiful
    Anything But Me
    Rocks Instead of Rice
    Red High Heels
    Of previous shows i've been to Kellie has brought much more to the table artistically and emotionally. The stage is her sanctuary and comfort zone. The fans absolutely loved her. Miss Pickler had the crowd on their feet and rocking to the beat of her songs. Much recognition to the band as their backing of Kellie's vocals were masterful. Josh Henson on electric guitar,what a brilliant talent,Ryan Ochsner on acoustic guitar,simply incredible. Jay on bass guitar,simply smooth, Gregg Lohman on drums, skillfully amazing;he rock's it; and Michael Huges on keyboards, he certainly knows how to tickle the ivories. Well done Miss Kellie and band. *****

    The ring leader of the circus,headlining Taylor Swift love,loved being back in her hometown of PA;she simply couldn't thank everyone enough for coming out to the show. Of not really having friends in junior high, she does now thanks to the thousand of friends/fans. Everyone simply loves Taylor. She simply appreciates everything and everyone for the continued support. It has gotten her this far in her career. Although,we had left early from Taylor's set i can certainly tell you how creatively artistic Taylor is in creating and desiging her stage set and changes. Absolutely brilliant very much sums up the Fearless tour.
    These acts are simply Fearless.

    A quick side note, Kellie was given the 1st copy of our KellieFans.com Newsletter 3rd issue and as well was given a few extra goodies including the letter little Nicholas wrote to her with my help that is.
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2010

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