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Kellie Pickler wows crowd of all ages at Muskingum County Fair

Discussion in 'Concert Reviews' started by Pickler_Pride, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. Pickler_Pride

    Pickler_Pride Active Member

    With her heartfelt numbers and upbeat tunes, Kellie Pickler appeals to people of a variety of ages.

    Children like Dalton, Mikayla and Marina Pickens are quite taken with her.

    "We like 'Red High Heels,'" the siblings said, "and 'Don't You Know You're Beautiful.'"

    Eagerly waiting outside the track seating area, Dalton, 12, Mikayla, 10, and Marina, 7, were accompanied by their mother, Michelle Wiggins, of Chandlersville, and close friend and baby sitter Reta McClary, of Zanesville, to Friday night's Kellie Pickler concert at the Muskingum County Fair.

    "I know they're excited," Wiggins said, "and we're '(American) Idol' fans; we watch every season. We like everything she sings and can't wait to see what kind of show she'll put on. Reta is like a second mother, and this is our birthday gift to each other."

    Wiggins said Friday was the family's first experience with attending a Muskingum County Fair concert, and she made sure to go online to get tickets as soon as they became available. The family was seated 13 rows away from the stage.

    Fans whistled and cheered as Pickler emerged onstage at 8:45 p.m. Friday. Many stood to clap and dance along to the music, and many people had cameras ready to record the occasion.

    Fans also reveled in the meet-and-greet session before the concert. Pickler posed for pictures, talked with fans and signed a few autographs for a crowd spanning young and old.

    Kristen DeLong, 15, and brother Chase DeLong, 11, were eager for a chance to meet the singer. Kristen said she was excited to hear "Tough," and Chase showed off his signed hat.

    About 75 percent of the track seats were filled, and the grandstand was almost filled to the brim.

    Getting a bird's-eye view from grandstand seating was the Prouty family, of Dresden. Rick and Valerie Prouty sat with their daughters Maranda, 10, and Faith, 6, for a spur-of-the-moment concert. They didn't originally plan on taking in the event, but an opportunity presented itself for the fans.

    "We watched when she was on 'Idol,' and the girls like 'Red High Heels,'" Valerie said. "I'm surprised they were able to get her at the fair."

    Fair Board President Darrel Cubbison said it's been a labor of love to bring Pickler to the fair.

    "Getting someone like her who is popular from 'American Idol,' we started the selection process and voted to try to get her before Christmas," he said. "Twelve of us were sworn to secrecy about it for months until March 14, and then opened for ticket sales on April 14. This is a chance for us to get something to southeast Ohio and the Zanesville area that maybe nobody will get a chance to see her otherwise.

    "We work closely with the local Variety Attractions and have gotten other big names like Lady Antebellum, Rodney Atkins, Kenny Chesney and Dolly Parton," he said. "That gives you a buildup to this. This area deserves the excitement that she brings. And we put a special plywood covering on the stage just for her so she wouldn't get her red high heels caught.


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