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Ladies night: Big female performances wrap up WE Fest

Discussion in 'Concert Reviews' started by ChrisKellieFan, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. ChrisKellieFan

    ChrisKellieFan Kellie Fan

    After two days of testosterockin’ country, Saturday was for the ladies at WE Fest, with a charismatic show from Kellie Pickler earlier in the afternoon.

    “Where are my ‘Tough’ country girls at?” she called out to the crowd, introducing another one of her tough chicks songs.

    Though she showed off the powerhouse voice to elevate her to diva status, she was best when spunky and feisty, showing off a mastery of the woman-done-wrong songs, like “Things that Never Cross a Man’s Mind,” “Stop Cheatin’ on Me” and “Ring for Sale.”

    She particularly got the crowd engaged when she introduced her songwriting husband, Kyle Jacobs, standing on the side of the stage as, “one of y’all. He’s a Minnesotan. Yah. Oh, gee golly.”

    “I’ve obviously spent too much time with my mother-in-law,” she said, laughing off her attempt at the accent.


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