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May 21st, Phoenix AZ!!

Discussion in 'Concert Reviews' started by KelliePicklerFanatic, May 29, 2009.

  1. Hahaha, I'm embarassed that it's been 8 days and I still haven't posted this review. But I'm still riding off the high that was this Swiftler concert! Taylor and Kellie put on an AMAZING show, and it was an AMAZING night. I got to meet Kellie for the 2nd time, and this was certainly a GREAT meet and greet experience, plus I had a little mini-encounter with Taylor.

    I wrote a seven page review (crazy, I know), so I'll just post a few tidbits here. Since I wrote so much about seeing Taylor, I'll just post the part where I cover before the show, the meet and greet and Kellie's performance :)

    Preshow Disaster Averted
    We went straight to the arena, there’s this big shopping center around it, and there were so many people there, eating and watching this band play for the radio stations. There were big grand displays of the radio station colors and booths, and people hoping to get passes, but once we walked up to the arena, they opened the gates, and a lot of people came rushing forward to the doors, for the doors to open. We waited like ten minutes, and they finally opened the doors to the arena. When I walked up to security, he asked me to take all the metal out of my pockets before I walked through the detector, and hold it above my head. Of course I had my camera, batteries, iPod, cellphone…so I of course help up the line to get in.

    When we got in, I asked a lady where will call was. OF COURSE will call had to be outside the arena, where we just were. We had to wait will she called this manager to deactivate our tickets so we could go outside and be let in again. With our tickets in hand, we went outside and got to will call.

    It’s funny because the only time I’ve ever used my student I.D. was for proof of identity for meet and greet passes! The lady gave me my pink wristband and the instructions and I signed the envelope and we walked back to the doors to go through the metal detectors and get our tickets scanned again. But I couldn’t find our tickets! We went through my mom’s purse…I went through all my pockets! I was freaking out; we were just in there! I ran over to will call, and the lady help up my tickets and smiled. She gave them to me and told me that I had accidentally dropped them in the metal pocket where you pass things through.

    Green...the color of envy!

    The meet and greet started at 6:15, and it was around 5:45, so we went to the merchandise stand, and I got a Kellie picture and a Taylor picture. By then it was time to go to the gate and wait. Inside the gate, I was awaiting to the sight of a few guys and a whole bunch of girls. I looked at the wrists, thinking I’d be seeing pink wristbands identical to mine, but there were more green wristbands than pink ones! I was being grouped with all the Taylor Swift meet and greet people! Let me tell you: green is DEFINITELY the color of envy! The security guy waiting by the doorway came inside and grouped us into different single file lines. The Taylor Swift meet-and-greets went down first, and of course I didn’t think of asking one of them to give my video to Taylor until they had all gone down! I started wishing I had worn my radio station t-shirts in hopes of winning better seats or meet and greets to Taylor. But then I noticed one of the little girls in front of me. She had an illness and was wearing one of the concert t-shirts and she kept talking and talking to the people in line, and although it was obvious she was a huge Taylor fan, she was genuinely happy to be meeting Kellie Pickler! That really brought into perspective how lucky I was to be meeting Kellie, and I cheered up immediately.

    Backstage Dorkiness
    I had brought a hat, a Photoshopped pic of Taylor, Kellie and I, and then the picture I bought at the merchandise stand for Kellie to autograph. I also had a DVD to give her of some music videos I had made to her songs. The wait was pretty long, but we were in a room with glass windows so I got to see all the limos and cars driving through the parking lot. I even saw the two guys of Gloriana giving an impromptu guitar performance on a bench. None of the people walking by recognized them, and I wanted to yell “GLORIANA!†but that really wouldn’t have done much! Ha!

    The wait was so long, that some of Taylor Swift meet and greet people were coming back. None of them looked really excited or buzzing at all, they just came out and walked away, and none of them even had an autograph or anything. It made me feel a little bad, because I knew all of the people in the Kellie Pickler line would be freaking out at the chance to meet either Taylor, especially since they were so excited for Kellie.

    The security guy was nice enough to let my mom come to the meet and greet with me, since Kellie’s fanclub only gave me one wristband. They finally took us down like 3 flights of stairs, and we were down on the same level as the stage. We walked through all the hallways, everyone was exciting to be in the backstage area. I was kind of dorky as I passed all the guitar racks that said “TAYLOR SWIFTâ€, and as I passed the Gloriana and crew dressing rooms. They stopped us and lined us up along a wall, and we waited a little longer and talked to the arena security guys and Kellie’s merchandise manager. He told us that Kellie’s meet and greets were so much more organized that Taylor’s, and the security guys were talking about all the people coming for Taylor’s meet and greets.

    Face to Face with Pickler!
    They finally let us into the room, it turns out it was the same room were Gloriana’s meet and greets had been because their big silk screen was against the other wall, and Kellie’s was up against the main wall. They told us to go to the back of the room, and our spot first in line slowly turned to last! Oh well, it just gave me more time to get all my nerves together!

    While visiting with other people, Kellie was so sweet! She talked about how her Twitter name had been stolen, and she called it “tweeterâ€, and gave us her real screen name. She then told a girl about Pink’s CD “Funhouse†and said we should all go out and get it. My turn finally came up, and even though I had already met her, I was so nervous! My knees were shaking, but my mom said I had done a good job talking to her. LOL.

    I walked up and said, “Hey Kellie! I’m Carsonâ€, but I think it came out in a bit of a Southern accent because my mind was working properly. She said, “cool shirt!†and I turned around to show her the back. It said Swiftler! She laughed and said, “Swiftler, huh?†and I told her how much I loved her and Taylor. I gave her my DVD of songs to her videos, and then gave her my pictures to sign. She signed the picture I bought at the merchandise stand first writing “You’re awesome!†then she got to my Photoshop picture. She showed it to the remaining people in line and the newscaster and the guy taking pictures. “He took the picture of me and Taylor at the ‘Best Days’ shoot and he put himself right in it!†she laughed. She signed right next to her and wrote “swiftler†at the bottom of the picture in quotes. She told me I had to get Taylor to autograph it sometime, and then I need to sign it. She’s totally sweet! She then autographed my baseball hat and I told her the story about it and how it was my dad’s and why I had gotten Lady Antebellum and Miranda Lambert to sign it. She gave me a huge hug and said, “Aww!†we then took the picture, and she told me to have a great day and we said bye. I walked out of the room starstruck, and couldn’t believe I had, had a good conversation with her!

    Pickler's Performance

    After a few minutes, all the lights dimmed and Kellie’s intro video of her walking through rain started. Everyone was screaming, and it was whole lot more louder now that more people had came into the arena. She started off with “Best Days of Your Life†and everyone got up on their feet. She really worked the crowd nicely, and I think everyone loved her. She sounded REALLY great as well. She went onto “Things That Never Cross a Man’s Mind†(it’s funny because this is the first time I’ve ever heard her sing “I knew him and Jenny never had a prayerâ€, all the other times she’s changed the lyric to “he’s hot anyways so who really caresâ€) and then “Rocks Instead of Rice†which everyone really loved. She briefly talked about how she loved her first single off the new album because of its message, then went into “Don’t You Know You’re Beautifulâ€, and on the big screen it showed girls in the music video, and also different pictures of beautiful people and then towards the end it showed pictures from her USO tour and soldiers, then it said “Come home safelyâ€. I think it’s great home much she respects all the men and women fighting for us. She then went into “Didn’t You Know How Much I Loved Youâ€, which ended with an amazing guitar solo. She then introduced one of my favorite songs by her, one that’s on the deluxe version of her CD, “Anything But Me†and that was great. She was really sincere and always said how happy she was to be here, and that’d she come back whenever we’d have her. She then sang “I Wonderâ€, always pouring so much emotion into it, and then she sang “Red High Heels†as her last song.

    ((I didn't take any pictures of Kellie's performance because we were in the last row on the floor, so we mainly looked at the screen, and none of those turned out. I did take a small clip of every song she sang, so eventually I'll edit that all together)).

    And my picture with Pickler!!![​IMG]

    Autographs :)

  2. rwealone

    rwealone New Member

    Outstanding Review, Carson.

    Thank You!

    It would be interesting hear what happened with the Taylor Swift M & G group. From what I know about Taylor (just from media coverage & seeing her on the TODAY show), I'm sure she'd be really upset to learn that her fans were disappointed because of some organizational snafu or maybe just plain incompetence of the staff workers. **That's an assumption on my part, of course**
    Last edited: May 29, 2009
  3. KellieShellieGirl

    KellieShellieGirl New Member

    Carson,my little buddy;it seems you had quite the experience before hand and throughout the evening. It's such a shame Taylor's staff and crew were so unorganized with her meet and greets. I can simply imagine what Taylor's fans went through with that.
    Those long faces wondering what is going on and all.
    Surely something will be done about that in due time.
    Kellie is just Kellie and will always be,there's no reason to be nervous around her.
    Would you be nervous around me? I wouldn't think so. I'm just as normal as Kellie,we just have different jobs really.
    You're review came out extremely well,i saw a few typos;but knew what you meant.
    It's all good though.
    So very happy things turned out for you.
  4. rwealone

    rwealone New Member

    Shellie, what you said about Kellie is SO TRUE! I spoke of that in my blog, last June (http://www.myspace.com/55341431) (Kellie In DC). Even so, I will take crib notes with me to Merriweather. Not because Kellie makes me nervous, but because I'm OLD & I'm likely to forget what I want to say to her. :haha:
  5. fanofkellie

    fanofkellie New Member

    Enjoyed your review Carson.
  6. Great review!:D Your very lucky!
  7. Yeah, she's really a sweet girl. I watched her Dateline special the other night, and you can really see how proud she is to be where she is and how appreciative she is of everyone around her.

    Yeah, I had a few typos, a little excited typing it up I guess!

    I know she's just a person like you, but there's this somewhat kid-ish innocent, star-struck-ness inside of me that will always get a few butterflies before talking to a country artist I love.

    I really think I did better this time around then last April, I definitely got to say more and there was less of a line to go meet Kellie so we got to all kind of chat with her.

    Hahaha, yeah I spent most of math class repeating the "order" of what I was going to say to her! LOL. My teacher would be very proud.

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