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my review on KP in jacksonville :)

Discussion in 'Concert Reviews' started by kelliesmostbiggestfanever, May 2, 2009.

  1. Okay defaintely the BEST show ever. me and my friend Amy left to go to it at about 2pm
    then hit the road. okay get this haha me and my friend ended up in GEORGIA. idk how haha. we were freaking out. but thankfully we found our way back on the interstate back to jacksonville we arrived at the place like JUST IN TIME. we got there at like 6:20 & the meet and greet started at 6:40. we went to willcall to pickup our passes and the fc tickets amy won. anyways it was finally time to meet KP! as i was waiting around i meetup with kellies merchman Chris and talked to him for a little! haha everyone in kellies band no's me they all recoginzed me and said hi! well it was Finallllllly time to meet kp.
    she walked in the room and i wasn't nervous to meet her at all at first. but this is how it went

    i went up to her and she goes hey girl!
    ahaha and im like hey kellie im SO excited to see you
    and i go do you remember me? lmao she puts her hand on her hips and goes
    ''OF COURSEEEE'' it was so funny haha! & then i was telling her how i liked her new video
    & loved the part when the guy got hit by the bus shes like yea that was funnnnnnny! haha
    all the stuff i pretty much wanted to say to her did not come out lol it always happens 2 me for some reason. the meet and greet was short lol but its alright it still was amazing!
    then she signed my pic and put your beautiful on it haha! & thennnn when she was signing my pic i was like everyone tells me we look like sisters, shes like I knowwww! we do or something like that lol. then i printed her some pictures out and she said she would look at them on the bus! & then we took a pic after that shes like you look great! see you next time! lol. i always get so nervous whenever i meet her sometimes idk why haha!
    i guess im just like overwelemed im actually in the same room with her meeting her again lol!

    oh yeah and i met JOSHS wife her guitar player at the meet and greet

    THEN the show was great to!
    taylor was good. BUT KELLIE DEFINATELY STOLD TE SHOW forsure.
    i tryed sneaking up to the front when kp came on with my friend erica...
    but the STUIPED security guard caught me and asked to see my ticket those people are SO rude. i was so mad because everyone else was doing it. & i was only gonna stay there for kps part and the seats were emty.

    she sang i wonder,rhhs,bestdays,rocks instead of rice,DYKYB,DYKHMILU,anything but me, and i think one more.

    then taylor came on AND EVERYONE STARTED GOING NUTS LOL.

    the show was amazing. :)

  2. cherangel

    cherangel Member

    i am glad that you has a great time last night jessy! i love the pic of you and kellie! janet
  3. Mile Hi fan

    Mile Hi fan New Member

    Hey Jess...good review ! If you were wearing 5" heels, you would be as tall as Kellie. You REALLY DO look like sisters to me. You are a GREAT KELLIE FAN !!![:Bow:]
  4. No_Left_Turn

    No_Left_Turn Moderator

    these M&G photos are great.
  5. kellies #1 fan

    kellies #1 fan New Member

    jessy im glad you had blast i love your new picture!did she sign after the show there/
  6. kelliedawn

    kelliedawn Member

    Very good review of Kellie, great picture of Kellie and her little sister, I like your shirt. Your just a super Kellie fan.
  7. GREAT review!:D Your VERY lucky! So glad to hear you had fun!:D
  8. adriana no she did not sign after the show ;(

  9. awe thanks! i take that as a compliment yesterday i told kellie everyone tells me we looks like sisters and she told me i know we do! haha :)
  10. sdnil427

    sdnil427 Moderator

    you should seriously go around the venue next time in sunglasses and i bet everyone will think you are her, b/c you guys do look so much alike!
  11. hahaha omg linds im so going to do that for the nashville show! i did that in feb when i saw her and people started starring at me lol :)
  12. sdnil427

    sdnil427 Moderator

    do it DO IT!!!!!!! lol
  13. Smarty

    Smarty New Member

  14. countrylvr1211

    countrylvr1211 New Member

    great review!! did she paly happy and smtlm? ohh. what she shoulda sang was LG after BDOYL!!
    Posted via Mobile Device
  15. linds im soo doing it HAHAHA!
  16. nicb

    nicb New Member

    when u go to the nashville one, you should ask her to have her management or whatvr do whatever they can do get her on dancing with the stars next season. That would be perfect for her and i know she would do well and people would luv her and vote for her and she would probably win!!! Plus you get $200k just for being on the show!!!
  17. WOW haha i so shood ask that kellie would do great on that show haha!

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