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One Little Boy,Kellie Pickler, & Fearless

Discussion in 'Concert Reviews' started by KellieShellieGirl, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. KellieShellieGirl

    KellieShellieGirl New Member

    It was a day of many highlights and one little boy got his wish,to meet Kellie Pickler;that little boy is a bright eyed full of humor and fearless 4yr.old. Nicholas is my cousin's little boy,but still the little man in my life. I just love him so much. You can view his picture at my myspace page and is my new default picture. Nicholas had been talking about Kellie for weeks as he knew that i was confirmed a meet and greet to see Kellie at the Q in Cleveland Oct.3rd. He simply bugged me daily that he was going to do all of this when he was going to see Kellie. "I'm gonna sing her a song,the heart song". I asked him how the song went,and he just started singing from the top of his lungs. "I'm gonna give her a kiss". I asked him," are you really"? he said yes."I'm gonna jump right into her arms",I asked him," are you really"; he said yes.Well, one out of three isn't so bad,he simply dragged me to her at the end of the meet and greet line the night of the show. Before jumping into her arms for a hug,i asked Nicholas if he wanted to hand to Kellie the gift he had for her,it was a pretty heart bracelet with three little charms attached that said live,laugh,love. Both Nicholas and I wanted her to open the gift and she did. Kel said just how pretty it was,i then asked Nicholas if he wanted to hand to Kellie the little gift he had for Taylor.Kellie was happy enough to take the gift to Taylor later that evening after the show. Kellie saw that Nicholas was wearing a candy necklace around his neck and asked how long it would last. I simply said that it wouldn't last much longer,he's a candyholic. That was one of the first of many highlights of the evening,during the meet and greet Kellie and I talked about the Extreme Makeover Home Edition episode that she was apart of. I began the conversation of the Terpenning Family sending me a thank you card for all that i did for them. At first Kellie thought i said Ty's family,i quick made the correction and we both giggled." What you did for this family Kel was truly wonderful and it shows just how big hearted you are",i said to her. When giving to others and doing unto the Lord you do get rewarded,it is a great feeling isn't it? I did say. She knew exactly where i was coming from in the conversation and agreed completely with a nod and yes. Just sharing such a joy with her about had me teary eyed. There was a little more from that conversation,but i don't want to give away too much of it,as there were a few little private moments involved. She did mention the episode will be airing in early November so keep an eye out for it. We did try to talk a little longer and Nicholas was bugging for me to finish up,he wanted more time with her as well. Kellie was pressed for time, we all had our picture taken a couple times,one for the meet and greet pics for the fan club and the other for myself. With all that,i had completely forgot to mention to Kellie to sign the shirt Nicholas was wearing. You can also the view the pictures of Nicholas in his customed made shirt that say's "I AM NICHOLAS... I AM FEARLESS" Nichloas is quite the daredevil,he isn't afraid to do anything. Literally! After making it back to the seats for show time,i was yelled at for not getting Kel to sign his shirt. It wasn't the first time that night either. I was hammered over it. It is what it is though. I was familiar with the show set as i had previously went to the Univeristy Park,PA show in August. One person had been missing from Gloriana,Cheyenne was sick and unable to be there Rachel said to the crowd during their set. They still brought enthusiasim and spunk to the stage though. I see a bright future for them all. The group would be having an autograph session after Kellie's set,which i made it for. After 3 years, Kellie has grown strongly as a performer and country music artist. What Kellie brings to the stage is pure heart felt emotion and sassiness. In good ole fashion, Kellie raised a red high heel after her last song of her set which was Red High Heels. Of all the shows i've been to i still love the adrenaline rush from a live show,and what i love the most are the fans who came out to support Kellie. Everyone just loved her,it makes me so proud of how far i've come with what i do for the fans. I love all the fans from the bottom of my heart. My great love and passion for music has brought me so far and I can't seem to thank you all enough. I was lucky enough to have met Caelin (KellieFan4Lifex2) from KelliePickler.com, what a sweetheart she is and a real big fan. This is what i live for at a show is interacting with the fans,and also Taylor fans as well.
    Now that i've rambled on and on about that i can say just how long Ms. Swift's set list was. I happened to manage to stay a little longer this time around than the previous show i had attended. Taylor covered all the hits and made it through the crowd with hugs and kisses to the fans. I'm still waiting it out for my hug one of these days,HA!! Taylor's set list included:
    You Belong with Me

    Our Song

    Tell Me Why

    Teardrops on My Guitar


    Forever & Always

    Hey Stephen


    Tim McGraw

    White Horse

    Love Story

    The Way I Loved You

    You’re Not Sorry/What Goes Around . . . Comes Around

    Picture to Burn


    I'm Only Me When I'm with You

    Should've Said No

    What a night it was for us all who attended,my mom and I, my cousin and her boy/our boy Nicholas.


    Last edited: Sep 21, 2010
  2. KellieFanFL

    KellieFanFL New Member

    Great review Shellie! Always a good time when Kellie is around! =)
  3. Pickled Pink

    Pickled Pink New Member

    A wonderful review Shellie!
  4. I'm so glad you and Nicholas had a great time! I loved the pictures too on your Myspace! Great review Shellie!:)
  5. fanofkellie

    fanofkellie New Member

    Thanks for the great review Shellie!

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