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Pickler Concert Ends w/Performance by Lohman

Discussion in 'Concert Reviews' started by Pickler_Pride, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. Pickler_Pride

    Pickler_Pride Active Member

    Those present for the Kellie Pickler concert Friday at the Effingham Performance Center got a bonus, or two, including a performance by Teutopolis native Gregg Lohman.

    The drummer for Pickler's band for more than six years, Lohman suffered major injuries in recent months in a crash while en route to a musical engagement. He has since been recovering and had told us in a phone interview Friday morning that he would not be performing Friday night. Obviously, it was a white lie since to tell the truth would've spoiled the surprise.

    The appearance by Lohman came during the encore, when Pickler and husband Kyle Jacobs were joined by Pickler's "Dancing with the Stars" partner Derek Hough to perform a song Kellie and her husband had written recently. As the lights came up, there was Lohman on the drums. After the song, Pickler went to the drum kit and gave Lohman a big hug.

    Lohman said during the interview Friday morning that he has a((((( new measure of respect for Pickler ))))) for how she's helped while he's been injured.


    how's this for a concert review LOVE IT
  2. boilerupwill

    boilerupwill Moderator

    So happy to hear Gregg has made a great recovery. That must have been a very special moment for Kellie for him to join everyone on stage for a song that night!

    Wonder what exactly is meant by the "new measure of respect for Pickler" by Gregg.
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2013
  3. fanofkellie

    fanofkellie New Member

    ^ I would think it means he respects her even more than ever now.

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