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Rascal Flatts Rally In Raleigh 6/25/2010

Discussion in 'Concert Reviews' started by ChrisKellieFan, Jun 29, 2010.

  1. ChrisKellieFan

    ChrisKellieFan Kellie Fan

    Rascal Flatts Rally In Raleigh

    Close to 17,000 fans packed the Time Warner Cable Music
    Pavilion at Walnut Creek in Raleigh for the opening night of the
    JC Penney Presents Rascal Flatts Nothing Like This Tour with
    Chris Young and Kellie Pickler, which runs through Sept. 19.
    WQDR Station Manager/PD Lisa McKay tells Country
    Aircheck, “I don’t think they’ve ever sounded better. There’s
    a sense of camaraderie and an amazing attitude of gratitude.
    They’ve been together 10 years, and you just don’t take it for
    granted anymore that people will stay together, but they look
    like a very cohesive team. They kept it high-energy, going from
    hit to hit, and put new spins on them. They did a cool version of
    ‘Summer Nights’ where Chris and Kellie came onstage and each
    sang a line with them.
    “Backstage, Rascal Flatts gave us a Champagne toast, with
    each one talking about how important ‘QDR in particular was
    to them. They gave us this cool ‘X’ trophies with our names
    on them. I’ve been here eight years, so I actually did feel like I
    was part of their success. But they really personalized it, saying
    some of the most heartfelt, genuine things I’ve ever heard. I was
    actually almost in tears and way overwhelmed by it.”
    McKay added that ‘QDR had its own meet-and-greet apart
    from those set up for JC Penney and Hershey’s. “All of the tour
    sponsors gave us a ton of great tickets and backstage passes,
    so we were able to go out in the parking lot and really make
    people’s lives better. We had several special-needs kids with us,
    and all the artists went out of their way to make them feel good.
    “Beforehand, we were expecting to do interviews with Chris
    Young and one of the Flatts, and I always program the music to
    fit the interview schedule. We were literally 10 seconds away
    from Chris Young when all three of the Flatts pulled up, and you
    just don’t say no to that. In fact, Chris just backed away, and
    said, ‘You’ve gotta do the Flatts guys.’ He waited 10 minutes
    after we finished, and was really a good sport about it.
    “Kellie just got engaged, and because the Flatts are all married
    now, we asked them what kind of advice they would give Kellie
    and her fiancé [songwriter] Kyle Jacobs. And they all said
    simultaneously, “Don’t do it!” Of course, they were just kidding.
    Kellie and Chris were fantastic; they’ve really come into their
    own, too. All in all, it was a great experience and a beautiful
    night … a real lovefest.”
    McKay added that the guys also take concert-goers on a rock
    ‘n’ roll ride with a medley featuring Boston’s “Foreplay/Long
    Time,” the Eagles “Take It To The Limit,” Journey’s “Don’t Stop
    Believin’” and Kansas’ “Carry On Wayward Son.”

    Country Aircheck June 28, 2010

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