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Review of Kellie's concert in Camden,NJ 6/13/09

Discussion in 'Concert Reviews' started by Kira, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. Kira

    Kira New Member

    For those of you who are not a member of Kellie's fan club, this is a copy of the review I have posted over there. I have not been posting much lately because I have been busy voting for her song on Yes.com and also cmt and gactv voting. Hope you enjoy reading this. My experience was amazing and I will never forget it!

    I'm sure you all know the expression "I'm in Seventh Heaven"! Well that almost underdescribes how I felt yesterday, but it is the closest to it.

    First I will tell you about the Meet and Greet, my very first time meeting Kellie, and hopefully not my last!

    The meet and greet took place about half and hour before she went on in a room off the backstage area. There were at least 35 people and we all stood in line and they told us that we had to move quickly cuz she had to go on stage at 4PM and it was already after 3:30. The only bummer thing was that they told us on the papers no cameras and then when we got there they said cameras were allowed and I did not have mine. Luckily someone said he would take a pic of me and Kellie and put it on the fan club site it was somoene from Kellie's people.

    Let me tell you that I had bought Kellie a gift and was told by several people who have met her that to make sure if I wanted her to see it when it was my turn to meet her I just hand it to her unwrapped or she would not open it. This gift, so everyone will understand the significance of the events that happened, was a silver necklace in the shape of an eye with a blue bead in the center that looks like a glass eye surrounded by cubic zirconia on a silver chain. It is a symbol in the Middle Eastern Culture of keeping away the bad eye of jealous people from you. I knew she would love it but was totally blown away from her reaction! First we hugged and kissed each other and then i handed to her right away and she was totally in awe and kept saying OMG, i love it I love it! And then she hugged me again and said: " Aimee, my friend, will absolutely flip out over this as she's all about this kind of stuff ( actually she said that after I explained to her the meaning of the evil eye charm). Then i gave her the insert from her new CD to sign and she wrote: " You're beautiful Kira, Kellie Pickler". After that they took two pics of us and I left floating on Cloud NIne!

    Meanwhile, my husband had found much better seats for us much closer so we could see real good and we had previously met up with a young guy that I met on Yes.com and he hung out with us the whole time.

    Kellie came out with Best DAys and the crowd went nuts! There were at least 10, 000 people there, maybe more. Just a couple of seconds into the show Said, my husband, and I looked at each other: OMG, she was wearing hte necklace that i had just given her! I forgot to tell you guys that i had said to Kellie before leaving, i would be honored if I ever see a picture of you wearing this necklace and she kept telling me how much she loves it! There it was, around her neck and she had chosen a blue top to wear so it would match apparently. OMG and my husband got some pics where you can see the necklace real good!

    As if that was not enough to blow any one away wait until you all read this: of course everyone was standing during most of her show including hubby and me and then about 3/4 of the way thru, she SPOTTS ME IN THE AUDIENECE, and in front of the entire crowd waved to me and THANKED ME FOR THE NECKLACE THAT I GAVE HER! Can you all imagine how i felt? (Of course it was easy in a way for her to spot me becuase by now you all know that I am Muslim and dress in long dressed and a scarf covering my hair).

    She sang about thirteen songs but I will try to remember most: Best Days, Gotta Keep Movin, Things, 9-5, Rocks, Makin me Fall in Love Again, DYKHMILU, DYKYB,I Wonder, RED HIgh Heels was the closing but there were a couple more but I cant remember. She was amazing. Oh before she started there was a military group there who had just been inducted into the army i believe and they honored Kellie for her contribution to the military for her USO tours. It was very moving and Kellie was tearful.

    I am so very happy for this experience, i will never forget it!

    I will upload pics in the next few days as my hubby or son has to do it. Hope you all enjoy the review as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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    Posted: Jun 14 2009, 9:32 AM


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  2. rwealone

    rwealone New Member

    So glad to hear you had an outstanding time, Kira. YES!, Kellie certainly does have a way of making each of us feel special. That's just one of a gazillion reasons why she's so loved by all of us KellieFans.

    I would have loved to seen the tribute that the military paid to Kellie. That had to be moving. I know I probably would be reaching for my hanky as I was bursting with pride & honor.

    It's interesting how the M & G rules vary from venue to venue. At Merriweather, I took pics outside of the gazebo, but Chris wouldn't allow private pics to be taken IN the gazebo. Oh well, I really didn't much care. Like you, I was floating from Kellie hugs.

    Looking forward to seeing your pics, Kira, and thanks so much for telling us all about your more-than-cool Kellie Adventure.
  3. Congratulations on meeting Kellie,that sounded like it was so much fun!Great review,sounds like an awesome show!:)
  4. fanofkellie

    fanofkellie New Member

    Beautiful review Kira! I'm glad you had such a special experience.
  5. texdale

    texdale Active Member

    Good Report

    Wow! You really did give a great review...So glad too see you get recognition from Kellie.....She is one special young lady..You can't help but love her.....
  6. north_clt

    north_clt New Member

    So glad you finally got to meet Kellie. It sounds like you had an amazing experience. I'm so happy for you. You truly deserve this.

    Thanks for sharing this with us here.
  7. KellieShellieGirl

    KellieShellieGirl New Member

    Kira,these are the dearest experiences you can possibly have with Kellie. She's as geniune in person as she is behind the camera or simply on stage performing for thousands of screaming fans. I would have cried with joy recieving such a beautiful treasure. These memories of Kellie will be everlasting to you and you're husband.
    I very much enjoyed reading you're review and Kellie experience.
  8. Kelliefan210

    Kelliefan210 New Member

    Sounds like you had an awesome time! :D
    It sounds very similar to her set at the Strawberry Festival this year. Mostly the same songs

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