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Taylor Swift gives Texas a 'Fearless' concert

Discussion in 'Concert Reviews' started by ChrisKellieFan, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. ChrisKellieFan

    ChrisKellieFan Kellie Fan

    Taylor Swift gives Texas a 'Fearless' concert

    March 24, 2010

    Taylor Harris

    With the music scene today being invaded by Disney Channel stars and reality TV show winners, genuine artists are getting harder and harder to find. So much of the music now is commercial fluff, written to attract anyone with curious ears. In every genre, artists who sing their own songs are dwindling rapidly. Maybe they are not as uncommon as snow in Texas mid-March, but singer/songwriters are becoming an endangered species.

    However, there is still one young star who is proving that composing songs and performing them live isn't an outdated fad. Sure, she has her own clothing line. Yeah, her face is probably on the lunchboxes of preteens everywhere. Her music may be on almost every country, pop, and crossover radio station you flip to in the car. But she wrote each of those catchy songs that stick in your head all day long. Taylor Swift is living proof that singer/songwriters are not extinct. And from the looks of it, she's not going out of style anytime soon.

    Having just kicked off the 2010 leg of her Fearless tour, Swift is showing the world what she's made of. That adorable, curly-headed blonde isn't just a one-hit wonder. This 20-year-old is branding herself just like all the past music legends did. And she's doing it at an expedited rate.

    Swift recently took Texas by storm and showed everyone why she took home top honors at the Country Music Awards back in November. During Baylor's spring break, she made three stops in the Lone Star State: Austin, Dallas and Corpus Christi. If cowboy boots and sundresses weren't already typical to a country concert, the Fearless tour intensified the look. Luckily, the weather was ideal in Corpus Christi before the show.

    People of all ages crammed their way into the American Bank Center on March 12 before 7 p.m. rolled around. The band Gloriana and former American idol contestant Kellie Pickler opened for Swift.

    Whitney Smith of Hot Springs, Ark., drove 11 hours to make the show.

    "I was as excited about Kellie performing as I was Taylor. She brought the house down, too. I've listened to her since she was on American Idol, and she just continues to impress me. She did a wonderful job at the show," Smith said.

    After the opening bands, the arena finally darkened, but instead of the music beginning, a video ran across the screens on each side of the stage. Cameos of celebrity friends like Faith Hill told what being "fearless" meant to them. Throughout the video, there were clips of awards Swift had won this past year and her acceptances.

    Then the band started to play, and the crowd erupted. Rising from beneath the stage, Swift finally became visible. Standing on her set was Swift, dressed in a full band uniform, hat and all. Her band members were in similar attire and her dance crew was dressed as cheerleaders. She recreated her "You Belong With Me" music video into a live performance.

    As she made her way down the flight of stairs that led to the stage, fans danced and raised their homemade signs in the air. There were screams, squeals and whistles.

    She had already exceeded everyone's expectations, and it was only the first song. Mid-song she even had a costume change, in true Taylor Swift fashion. Her band uniform was ripped off and exposed was a beautiful sparkling dress.

    So many hit songs. So many dresses and set changes. On the screens, the backdrop changed with each song. The performance was nothing less than a Broadway show. Swift rocked out to songs from her debut and sophomore albums. Songs like "Tim McGraw," "Our Song," and "Picture to Burn" brought the fans back to her pre-superstar days. "Fearless," "The Way I Loved You," and "Tell Me Why" were a few of her newer songs performed.

    She sang each song with all her heart, giving the audience the emotions she felt when she was writing about her breakups and fairy tale moments. During "Forever and Always," Swift even threw a sofa chair off the second level of her stage. Set up as an interview with a reporter, the singer confessed if guys didn't want songs written about them, they "shouldn't do bad things."

    Part way through the concert, there was a brief intermission. Projected on the screens now was a comical investigative video with cameos from guys she's either written about or had in her music videos.

    The new country group Love and Theft, Tyler Hilton, and even Tim McGraw were featured. Throughout the show, Swift joked about how she writes about boys and they know it.

    When the clip ended, a spotlight made its way to the back of the venue. There she was, in the middle of the crowd, performing "Hey Stephen." It was clear that none of the fans up there had any idea she had made her way into the audience.

    Throughout the song, she slowly made her way down the stairs, stopping to give hugs and high fives to anyone close to her. She then reached a small stage on the floor, and with nothing but her guitar, crooned some of her slower songs.

    Though her vocals haven't always been perfect during live performances, they were excellent as she sat on a stool and played "Fifteen," "Tim McGraw" and "White Horse."

    During "Love Story," she and her dancers came out in Victorian clothing. The stage was set back in the days of Romeo and Juliet. The fairy tale scene Swift portrays in her song came alive. Again, a costume change during the song had her in a gorgeous white flowing dress and a tiara that she put on a young girl's head.

    Another moment to gasp over was her "You're Not Sorry" song mashed with Justin Timberlake's "What Goes Around." Taylor Swift made JT's song her own.

    She came back out after "Picture to Burn" as her name was chanted by thousands to do an encore. "Today Was A Fairytale" was performed, and her kiss with the hunky Taylor Lautner in the movie Valentine's Day scrolled over the screen. Heart shaped confetti fell down for what seemed like an eternity.

    To end the show, Swift sang an extended version of "Should've Said No." Thunder rumbled in that venue, even on a perfectly clear night outside. The backdrop rolled in storm clouds, the scene grew dark and bitter. Swift and her fiddle player, Caitlin Evanson, had a drum-off on these indescribable instruments that rose from under the stage. Then, as the song came to a close, Swift walked down the steps to the front of the stage. As she sang the chorus, "rain" began to pour from the top of the arena.

    As the song ended, Swift laid down in the water. She made a heart with her hands and raised it to the sky.

    Swift had successfully pulled off an unbeatable performance.

    Music Editor of The Vent magazine in Corpus Christi, Mike Henneberger, was blown away.

    "I practically watch concerts for a living, and Taylor Swift put on one of the best shows I've ever seen. I saw Green Day's tour last year, Blink 182's reunion tour, Sugarland, and Kelly Clarkson. And while Swift's music plays along with all of those artists on radio, her performance was in a whole other league and definitely the most entertaining concert I've seen in a long time."

    Incredible opening acts, theatrical sets, crowd interaction, and ending each show completely drenched, Taylor Swift has reached superstardom, and she's not looking back.

  2. No_Left_Turn

    No_Left_Turn Moderator

    hope to see lots of photos.....or even just one.

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